A dyeing technique, drastically reducing water usage and carbon emissions

Our innovative solution dyed technique DyFuze produces colored polyester with a minimal amount of water and energy in the dyeing process. In fact, compared to the traditional piece-dyeing methods, this proprietary technique results in a dramatic 90% reduction in the use of chemicals, 85% reduction in water usage, and 20% reduction in the use of dye stuff. The whole process also emits 20% less CO2.

In a year, we expect to be able to produce as many as five million pieces through the DyFuze technique, which would save 73 million liters of water compared to traditional dyeing methods, equivalent to 29 Olympic-size swimming pools.

By 2025, our ambition is to achieve at least 50% of water savings in dyeing in fabrics through the use of solution dyeing methods.

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