Powering heat naturally

Going beyond ordinary insulating fabrics, HeatFuze is a fabric designed to naturally generate heat without any external source of energy, by using the moisture and heat released from the wearer’s body.

In tests where relative humidity is raised from 10% to 90% in controlled chamber kept at 20-degree Celsius, HeatFuze demonstrates excellent hygroscopic heat generation, consistently demonstrating a temperature rise at nearly three times the required level, even after multiple washes.

HeatFuze also presents efficient infra-red heat generation and extraordinary thermal insulation, especially due to the unique combination of yarn and structure.

Such high technical performance is complemented by excellent hand feel and breathability, making HeatFuze a material of choice to keep wearers warm in cold climate conditions.

HeatFuze is available in blends rPET, nylon 6/66, bio-based nylon and lyocell.

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