GreenFuze Circle

Our trailblazing, GRS-certified textile-to-textile recycled polyester can support the fashion industry in pursuit of a closed-loop, circular economy.

To further advance progress towards a circular economy, we have developed GreenFuze Circle – material created from our latest textile-to-textile recycling technology.

This process, which pursues a closed loop for garments and textiles, takes pre-worn uniforms, work wear, and textile factory offcuts and turns them into purified materials for creating recycled filament or spun yarns.

It allows us to create polyester that preserves all functionality and physical properties relative to virgin polyester yarns, and by 2023, greater than 60% of all our polyester will come from recycled textile waste or bottles. (Paradise is a signatory on the Textile Exchange rPET challenge, committing to <45% rPET by 2025).

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