Our GRS-certified, 100% recycled polyester, created from PET plastic bottles

GreenFuze is Paradise's proprietary, GRS-certified rPET yarn that is created from 100% post-consumer PET bottles, while preserving all the desired texture, comfort, and performance of the fabric. Bottles go through a chemical recycling process to extract terephthalic acid, which is then repolymerized into rPET resin and extruded to create GreenFuze yarns.

With GreenFuze, in 2021, close to 235.5 million PET plastic bottles that would have gone into landfill were diverted and put to better use.

To ensure authenticity, GreenFuze yarns are embedded with a physical tracer to ensure rPET was used. The tracer emits a proprietary wavelength that is detected by a hand held device provided to brands. This technological innovation can be embedded into a wide range of our fabrics to provide a whole new level of traceability in fashion, putting knowledge and the power to choose right into the consumers’ hands.

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